Janis Copes, ABCDT
I have had a love of dogs all my life and at a young age dreamt of training Seeing-Eye Dogs. My first exposure to obedience training was in 1986 with my Maltese, Tara. I have continued to train all of my dogs in obedience since. I have two rescue dogs: Sissy is an Australian Cattle Dog mix and Credentialed Therapy Dog, Clark is a Schnauzer mix.

I work with Animal Assisted Therapy Services (AaTs) in therapeutic settings with mentally and emotionally disabled children, teenagers, and adults. I have partnered with AaTs to board and train Emotional Support Animals, former AATs Board Member and Canine Committee Co-Chair.

I teach obedience classes for Country Companions Veterinary Services in Bethany, Animal Clinic of Milford, Lock Stock & Barrel in Bethany, Prospect Park and Recreation, and a former trainer for Trap Falls Kennel Club, in Shelton.

I am a honors graduate and Mentor Trainer for Animal Behavior College, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a Pet Professional Guild, a supporting member of the International Association of Behavioral Consultants, and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Instructor/Evaluator.

Escape The Crate, LLC uses force-free training to teach obedience cues, eliminate behavior issues, and build trusting bonds between owners and their pets. We also offer pet sitting in a home environment without the use of kennels which eliminates stress for the pet and the owner.